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A Little Experiment

May 02, 2019 — Grant Ford

So I threw out a toot on Fosstodon today sort of as a trial run to see what would happen. I said:

I'll write you a personalized sonnet for $5. 😁 No really... I only need to sell 22 sonnets to be able to buy the computer of my choice. (Yes, it's only $100+tax) #poetgrantpoetry

I thought that maybe a few people might like the idea, but to my utter surprise I was messaged either privately or publically by about 17 people within an hour. So! That got the wheels turning in my head and I decided to make it easy to distribute and collect donations by creating a GoFundMe page. I am not trying to get rich or anything, but I think it is a pretty fun idea. If this can help me raise the funds I need to really expand this project, then that would be great!

The first step in funding this project is getting a mobile device that I can write on. I have been looking into several options where I build my own laptop out of a TinkerBoard and 3D printed casing and keyboard, but after throwing all those items in a cart, it would be cheaper to just buy a laptop. So I looked around and found something that I had known of before but never really looked into.

The PineBook (11.6") is perfect for what I want to do. I would love to raise $100 for that, but more would be better so that I can expand other areas of this project, including my novel project and a few other project ideas I have in mind.

So here's how it all breaks down. I can write just about any kind of poetry you would like. I have made a life-long study of poetry over the years, including a 4 year degree with a focus on language and the use of poetry in Medieval societies.

  • $1 - you get a Haiku based on a single word of your choice
  • $5 - you get a personalized Sonnet
  • $25 - you get a longer-form poem(depends on what you prefer)
  • $250 - you get a short Epic
  • $500 - you get a long-form epic with your choice of verse styling and alliterative style

So that's it for now! If you would like details on any of those donation tiers, please message me on Fosstodon or get in touch with me on Wire(@poetgrant)!