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Constructed Mythology

May 29, 2019 — Grant Ford

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I have been working on a story, writing about a mythology that was born in my mind nearly fifteen (15) years ago. Throughout the process I have shifted from Windows to Linux, from Word to LibreOffice. Now I have shifted from LibreOffice to nano-editor and from there finally settling upon joe, my new favorite editor. I am constructing the EPUB file using Pandoc and Markdown. But these are not the subjects I intended to touch upon today.

In writing this initial book, detailing the small sprouts of a mythology, I have discovered that the story is the easy part, but trying to extract the mythology in my mind out into the story on my screen has proven very difficult. Getting caught up in side stories, figuring out where to place key components, remembering to actually let the story tell the mythology have been three of the issues I have faced. So instead of continuing the story (no matter how much it begs me to expand it), I am going back to write the 'appendices' to the book I will eventually publish.


So this morning I began drawing out a rough map where the story takes place. With the map I can orient myself in my own story and keep distances and locations as accurately as possible.

After scouring the web for a few minutes, I found a forum for cartographers and the majority of them decidedly use Inkscape to help draw out their maps. No specialize software needs, just something that already comes with Slackware. It was surprisingly easy to make the base for the map and begin placing markers for trees and mountains and drawing out the rivers and borders for the different regions. Within an hour I now have a fully functional map that is begging to have places added to it as I write.


In a file I have labelled 'info.md' there is stored character names, region names, descriptions of each. This also contains some useful information for how each piece of info relates to another. info.md will eventually become the Glossary for the EPUB, but until then I will continue adding information to it.


I have also run into my classic issue with writing. I have been spelling out this story without an outline; that must change. Until recently I have worked out a story without aim. I always knew what I needed on the screen, but getting it in order is another story. So for the rest of today I will be writing a basic outline to order my story in a more human readable fashion.

After the outline is finished, it is time to re-write the twelve (12) chapters that I have. That is what I plan on getting to now.

I hope this update was enjoyable for you, my dear reader. Before the end of this year, hopefully I will be giving you my brand new EPUB and first part of my great story and mythology. :)