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Introducing Canine Cloud!

May 02, 2019 — Grant Ford

My wife recently was looking for a dog centric social media hub to share her pictures and ideas, as well as to find awesome ideas and ogle at other cute dogs. She found a few apps that were in beta, but none of them were really just right. So I had a thought! I'll find her a Mastodon instance that is dog centric! So let me introduce you to Canine Cloud.

I searched and searched and found a few instances that might be okay, but none of them were actually what I had in mind. Nothing really stood out as a place for dog lovers to gather and share with each other all the wonderful things about dogs! I finally gave up and let her find something else, until the thought struck me, why don't I just start a dog centric Mastodon instance? A couple of hours after that thought, I had set up an instance with Mastodon Host that fit the bill perfectly, except for one minor thing, people. So now I am spreading the word and hoping to bring more dog lovers to the Fediverse.

It isn't so much that I wanted to host my own instance, but rather that I would love to see more happy thoughts and fun ideas populating the Fediverse! With any social media site there is always a lot of drama (it is in our very nature), so what better way to lighten the federated timeline than with a bunch of happy dogs and awesome pet parents? As an added bonus, all of you pet parents out there will have a home for your pet craziness! Maybe you'll find a new dog toy for your pet or a new treat to reward those good pups with. Whatever it is, I would love to accomodate.

So now that it has begun, what do I plan on for the future of the instance? Well, it has been suggested that I get a PixelFed instance up and running as well. That will have to wait, however, until I know that there is actual interest in an instance such as this. Also, these things take money, so I would like to have the bills add up slowly at first. I do think a PixelFed instance would be an awesome addition to this whole project, but let's just wait and see first.

Another thing I am working on is custom emojis for the instance. I think it would be fun to have "dog treat" and "custom dog faces" designed for the instance, so after we get a few more members I might start a competition to get some new emojis in the system. In the meantime, I will be designing a few generic emojis myself, but I think a design competition would really be fun.

I still haven't written the Code of Conduct, but I think it is pretty obvious that for now "Be Excellent to Each Other" is a good starting place. I am working with a couple of other admins on what should be in a more expansive CoC, but for now, just adhere to the good ol' Bill and Ted motto.

The header image and "hero" image also need some love, so I am working on something for that as well. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have something that will be welcoming and show off our instance's purpose. If anyone has any ideas about my ideas so far, please shoot me a message!

So far, that's all I have, but if you love dogs and want to be part of a community of dog lovers, head on over to Canine Cloud and sign up for a new account! I we would love to see you there!